The Name

The TownHauZ development combines elemenst of the PassivHaus Standard with Net Zero Energy performance in residential development.

The project name TownHauZ came to fruition upon reflecting on the qualities that this design exudes. While the name provides phonetic familiarity when used in discussions, it reveals the creative innovation of design through its spelling.

Let us take you on this journey learning about its evolution: Most obviously, the building type of this project is a townhouse, which forms the basis of the design name. From there we delve deeper into the meaning of the name by translating “house” into the German “Haus”, as a nod to the design elements we borrowed from the PassivHaus Standard. Some of our standout features and strategies similar to a PassivHaus include high-performance insulation levels, the elimination of thermal bridges, air tightness, and the reduction of heating and cooling loads. We also evaluated and studied our enclosure design with German methods for hygrothermal analysis used to meet code requirements such as DIN 4108-3 that are non-existent in the U.S. Additionally, our faculty advisor Dr. Georg Reichard hails from Austria, and he, as well as the entire team, are proud to represent and salute his country of origin, which has the highest rate of new construction PassivHäuser.

Finally, we reach the “Z”, which is emphasized and substitutes the “s” in Haus to create our final design name, the TOWNHAUZ. The “Z” represents Zero, in regards to being ready to achieve the Net Zero Energy Standard with the addition of renewable energy. This was the journey to our project name and an abbreviated story of our design. The full story is explored and revealed in teh pages of this site as we present the TOWNHAUZ.