Competition Criteria


The Zero Energy Ready Home level of performance will not achieve meaningful market acceptance unless it is integrated with architectural designs that meet or exceed consumer expectations. Teams need to describe the general approach to the overall project and house to integrate high-performance... Read more

Teams have to discuss the overall design principles of the hot water system. This includes estimated loads, water heating equipment, supply piping, and layout.

Teams have to provide a representative set of construction document contents that may be used for review with designers, trades, suppliers, fabricators, and purchasers.


Teams have to discuss the approaches your design process considered to energy efficiency for all aspects of the home and how the various efficiency features interact. They need to discuss the constraints and challenges to efficiency improvements in any one feature relative to, for... Read more

Teams have to discuss the major mechanisms that affect envelope durability integrating building science concepts of air transport, moisture management, and thermal and hygrothermal performance based on specific environmental conditions.


Students have to analyze the financial implications of siting and constructing the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home design. The financial analysis includes both costs and affordability. Costs should include estimates for the land, utility infrastructure (i.e. an improved lot), house... Read more


Teams have to discuss the overall approach to indoor air quality (IAQ) to meet general performance goals and satisfy specific field conditions.

Teams have to discuss the partnerships with industry professionals, including builders or developers, for the overall project design and site development. They should include partnerships with trade professionals in specific areas such as, but not limited to, site development,... Read more


Teams have to discuss the range of performance objectives for the mechanical systems targeted for space conditioning. They have to describe the systems approach relative to the structure and climate, including design principles for the mechanical system, the proposed operation and... Read more


Each team has to describe the qualifications, relevant education, and training to meet project goals for each team member, including any industry partners.

Faculty advisors have to identify applicable coursework, projects, training, and experience that contribute to the design of a high-... Read more