Construction Documentation

Teams have to provide a representative set of construction document contents that may be used for review with designers, trades, suppliers, fabricators, and purchasers.

Construction details are important for clear and precise communication to the trades (and others responsible for reviewing or implementing the design), as well as for technical analysis of the design. Details clarify complex design elements. They also should be provided where there are potential problems in construction, which often occur at transitions or discontinuities in control layers (e.g., water, air, thermal, vapor). The details provided would use 2D, 3D or assembly drawings, as needed, to avoid ambiguity or confusion. Typical examples of potential problem areas include the moisture control, minimizing thermal bypass, and thermal bridging.

Construction Detail Checklist:

  1. Site plan locating the house footprint, setbacks, and accessory structures and surfaces
  2. Floor plans defining room and dimensions
  3. Elevations
  4. Example wall section(s) through foundation, wall, roof, and ceiling
  5. Example flashing details for openings
  6. Air sealing details
  7. Window schedule and specifications
  8. Mechanical plan indicating duct sizing and layout, equipment locations and specifications, control design and specification, and minimum installation requirements
  9. Plumbing plan showing fixture locations, piping system layout and design, equipment location and specifications, and minimum installation requirements
  10. Lighting plan showing outlet locations, fixture specifications, and all control systems

This section may include brief descriptions and drawings of full details that are included in anAppendix.


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