The Project

Project Summary

The Sandlewood Townhomes at Admiral’s Landing, a project by K. Hovnanian Home Builders in Dundalk, Maryland, is our basis for this project. The team developed and enhanced the unit design within the development to produce a high-performance 2160 square foot residence named the TownHauZ. This design incorporates net-zero energy and passive energy design goals as well as occupant safety and comfort. The Admiral’s Landing community is located within North Point Village in Baltimore County, an area experiencing revitalization, where increasing quality of life and energy efficiency is becoming a hallmark of new construction.

Relevance of Project to the Goals of the Competition

Construction plans, details, financial analysis, and energy analysis were used to provide a clear estimate of achievement with respect to the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home performance mandate. The design team also placed additional emphasis on production builder needs, occupant comfort, overcoming mixed-humid climate challenges, high-performance qualities, and integrated design and construction management.

Design Strategy and Key Points

The TownHauZ’sdesign utilizes assemblies, layouts, and equipment that provide efficiency without sacrificing the occupant’s experience. Occupant comfort, envelope durability, indoor air quality, space conditioning needs, and energy use were all considered. This final design’s cost and relative benefits were weighed and considered when selecting the changes that were ultimately chosen to be incorporated. Energy modeling and hygrothermal analysis tools, including REM Rate, THERM and WUFI were used to analyze energy efficiency and compliance with DOE Zero Energy Ready Home and ENERGY STAR ratings.

Project Data & Technical Specifications

    • Project Location: Dundalk, Maryland

    • IECC Climate Zone 4

    • Square Footage: 2160

    • 3 Bedroom, 2 ½ Bathroom, 3 Story Townhome

    • HERS Score: 39

    • Estimated Monthly Energy Cost: $84.33

    • Wall Insulation = R-40

    • Foundation Insulation = R-10

    • Roof Insulation = R-60

    • Window Performance = R-7.6

    • HVAC specifications = 1.5 Ton Heat Pump w/integrated electric backup